Ronelle and I, wish to personally thank you for the enormous effort (all the hours) you put in to get our web site (www.thefinalword.co.za) up and running. It was a real shock to discover that our web site had been suspended, owing to the fact that Kalahari Hosting went belly-up. Anyway, that is now all behind us and we will certainly recommend Hub Host to our friends.

Kind regards,

Date of Posting: 12 May 2013
Posted By: Robin Pinard
Want to thank you guys for a great service.
Mikhail Janowski, Hub Host Support, you ROCK!!!
Date of Posting: 19 January 2013
Posted By: Hendrick Wait
5 Fouriestreet Despatch Eastern Cape.
Quite impressed with your service I must say. Thanks a lot.


Leon du Toit
Date of Posting: 07 September 2012
Posted By: Leon Du Toit
web designer
I was very happy with the service provided, never experienced any downtime. I am happy to say that the service I received was 100% and would therefore happily recommend your hosting services to others. Kind Regards, Oliver
Date of Posting: 17 January 2012
Posted By: Oliver Newman
Web designer, GB - United Kingdom
Hub host is really working for me. I think its one of the best and the cheapest hosters.
Date of Posting: 11 October 2011
Posted By: teboho
South Africa
Dear Sir

Thanks for your support and special treatment to your customers, Hub Host is highly recommended on my view. Nice to do business with you.

Kind Regards
Date of Posting: 10 August 2011
Posted By: Nteko
www.sollyskills.co.za Driving Academy
Hi Sir

It is with pleasure to see your reply but if its fine with you it would be nice if you could help me from the start up to the end. But please try to solve my case as soon as possible, at least by friday my website should be online and I'll pay all my outstanding balance. Lets try to keep our business real and build a strong friendship.
Date of Posting: 03 August 2011
Posted By: Nteko
Thanks for all your assistance

Have a great day
Date of Posting: 29 April 2011
Posted By: Andy
Thanks for the good service guys. Without Hub Host my web design business would not be where it is today. Cheers
Date of Posting: 14 April 2011
Posted By: Mikhail
Web Designer
Wow, this is an excellent deal. My site is always up and they have great technical support too!
Date of Posting: 12 April 2011
Posted By: Ariel Katzen

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